Business and Corporate Law

Brooklyn and New York City Corporate Attorneys

Business and Corporate Law

At Korenblit & Vasserman, we assist our clients in determining the most advantageous form of business organization and formation. We assist in forming corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. 

We also help various stores and restaurants obtain liquor licenses and handle the application and hearing process from beginning to end.

We have years of aggressive experience negotiating contracts, licensing, and sales of businesses, joint ventures and a variety of other business transactions.

Our business services include litigation and support services to condominiums and cooperatives. Throughout New York, as well as to business executives and managers, and business owners who face an ever-widening array of daily legal issues.

We also work with employers in transactional and procedural areas such as hiring and termination, severance agreements, employment contracts and employment manuals.  By working with your business management team, we provide you with the legal assistance necessary to prevent the serious risks of business and employment disputes and potential litigation.


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